What Size Cocktail Fish Bowl Do I Need?

Cocktail Fish Bowl

Is anything more enjoyable than sitting beside your hipster friend and pretending you are really into a pint of craft beer? Trying to overcome the situation with a glass of white wine when you just got dumped. When there’s a conflict at the dinner table over which wine should everyone go with? Or looking at […]

Acrylic or Metal Cocktail Shaker? Which One to Choose?

acrylic cocktail shaker

Whenever you are throwing a nice party or just planning to enjoy your evening with a good cocktail, the talk always ends on a good cocktail shaker. A good cocktail shaker dgives you the perfect blended cocktail drink. However, there are several options in the market that its easy to get confused. You can find […]

What Is the Standard Size Plastic Cocktail Shaker?

16oz plastic cocktail shaker with design

What’s that one thing that makes every event mesmerizing? It’s the refreshing cocktails that liven up a party, and that’s only possible by making the cocktails with a simple plastic cocktail shaker. Is it possible not to get mad after having a batch of pleasant cocktails with your friends and partner? To sit beside your […]

How to Purchase Plastic Wine Glasses Bulk?

plastic party wine glasses

It is interesting just how much the taste of a particular wine may differ, depending on the kind of glass it is being served in. From the shape of the glass to its design, everything plays a role in determining how the taste of the wine will taste when you serve it to your guests. […]

Which Type of Cocktail Shaker Is Best?

plastic cocktail shaker

This is something that you probably have seen often at your local bar or restaurant. Many who consider themselves as the connoisseurs of the art of mixing a drink, prefer keeping a plastic cocktail shaker at home. However, there are many to whom the appeal of a cocktail shaker remains a mystery. Are you curious […]

How to Choose Your Plastic Bar Glassware?


With the global pandemic during nightclubs and bars upside down, people are turning to another alternative. More than people than ever are building their own at-home bars. There are countless occasions where you could make an at-home bar, including weddings, parties, and special events. If you are setting off down this path, you might be […]