Things to Consider When Buying Plastic Water Bottles for Your School Child

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Reusable water bottles are an excellent substitute for single-use containers among the options available. Because they are solid and long-lasting, you can take your favorite beverage or drinking water wherever you go. Furthermore, specific varieties of water bottles are constructed from materials that maintain the temperature of your liquid.

The water bottle is becoming a necessary addition to every trip or activity, coming in various varieties and priced to suit all budgets. What characteristics does a water bottle have? Which kids’ water bottle should I get?

A prevalent misperception is that “bigger is better.”  Size is only sometimes a deciding factor when selecting school water bottles, even if it can be in some situations.

water bottles

Drinking water is essential throughout the day, so if you live with a student of any age or are a student yourself, you should always keep one in your lunchbox or backpack.

The use of reusable water bottles in schools is being encouraged by many, thanks to growing awareness of environmental health and safety measures. Although it’s a lovely idea, there are moments when you can’t help but ponder which bottles are the best for school. This post offers some beneficial advice and suggestions if you need help making this choice.

Why is a water bottle useful for a kid?

Water bottles are becoming increasingly popular among adults but may also become essential to your child’s everyday routine.

An object with an ecological impact

In France, each individual uses about 150 single-use plastic bottles annually, of which only thirty percent are made from recycled materials. Purchasing a reusable water bottle is a great way to teach your children about a zero-waste lifestyle and to increase their understanding of the need to protect the environment.

Your child can use the water bottle for many years with the appropriate size and sturdy construction.

An item to satisfy your child's thirst

A water bottle is guaranteed to appear in your child’s bag, whether you’re sending them to school, to practice sports, or on a family excursion. Specifically, they can stay hydrated with any activity or time of day. It’s critical to be able to satisfy your child’s age- and weight-appropriate daily hydration needs:

– A child between the ages of two and three requires about 900 milliliters of water daily.

– They require 1.1 liters of water daily between the ages of 4 and 8.

– Children require 1.5 liters of water each day starting at age 9, just like adults do.

The water bottle makes it simple to meet your child’s daily water needs, which is essential for their health and well-being because it can be filled anytime.

A money-saver

In addition to being economical and ecologically responsible, reusable water bottles can save you money. This device eliminates the need to purchase water bottles—often far more expensive—not just from supermarkets but also from stands or motorway service areas when you’re out and about. You may save needless costs by giving each family member a water bottle.


The market’s supply of water bottles typically ranges in volume from 250 milliliters to 1.5 liters or larger. Ideally, you should base your water bottle size on your child’s age. As we previously said, as they become more extensive, so do their needs for water and how easily they can grip and carry the bottle. Therefore, a 5-year-old requires a smaller water bottle than an adolescent who is 13 years old.

The capacity is also determined by how your child intends to use it. An adequate water bottle for frequent usage at school or during extracurricular activities holds between 250 and 350 milliliters. However, it’s advisable to go for a more significant type that can store about 1 liter of water if they go on a family vacation or a school excursion.

Children's water bottle

Opening system

One of the most important factors is the opening method, which dictates how comfortable your child will feel using the bottle. Another crucial element is their age.

  • For younger children (ages two to three)

Selecting a model with a cap and a straw or pipette will help to transition from the feeding bottle to the water bottle seamlessly. These little aids will assist your baby in comfortably and carefully swallowing food while staying hydrated and enjoying their beverage without becoming messy.

  • For older children (four to eight years old)

Growing up, children grow increasingly self-reliant. It’s time to select an opening and shutting mechanism that they can use independently. The quick-opening screw cap and teat cap are beneficial options.

  • Ages 9 and above, for preteens and teens

The hazards related to swallowing are almost nonexistent after this age. Next, choose a water bottle cap based on your child’s preferences: screw top, Snap-On, one-handed or two-handed opening, etc. Additionally, they enjoy taking lengthy excursions in the great outdoors. In that case, you may provide them with a novel water bottle substitute: a water bladder that can be conveniently carried in their bag and used to hydrate with a straw. They typically have a volume of one to three liters.

32oz clear tumblers with straws
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wide mouth water bottle


Picking a water bottle with a design your child finds appealing is usually a wise choice, especially if they’re small. They may choose a model from many hues and styles to fit their preferences and personalities. In addition to making the item more enjoyable, this can also encourage your child to drink more.

Purchasing a water bottle for every family member—significantly your child—will benefit the environment and be helpful in all circumstances. Do you enjoy spending weekends camping and trekking with your family? Then, don’t be afraid to supplement your gear with one of our cookies to make your trips even more responsible!

School Policies

If the school your child attends has regulations about the minimum and maximum sizes of water bottles permitted on school grounds, making a selection is much more straightforward.

In most cases, the school will have researched the school water bottles that are considered the best for children and will thus promote them. Therefore, you may have peace of mind knowing that your child will always have a water bottle they can carry.


When it comes to their children, the first thing that every parent thinks about is their children’s safety, and the same should be true about the water bottles that contain their children. It is best to steer clear of glass bottles for children because of the apparent risk of breaking them. If you decide to use a water bottle made of plastic, you should select one made of plastic that does not contain BPA.


It is only sometimes that children are the most cautious regarding their possessions. The bottle may be damaged whenever a child is given a water bottle to take to school or practice. As a result, you need to be sure that the water bottle you offer them is durable enough to withstand the abuse. When subjected to large shocks, glass bottles have the potential to shatter, and even plastic bottles can break apart. Water bottles of stainless steel or aluminum are typically considered the finest options for children.

skinny double wall acrylic tumblers with straws
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64oz leakproof plastic water bottle with straw


It is possible to purchase bottles in various colors and with whimsical patterns. Now that stainless steel water bottles and flasks are readily available; consumers may choose from multiple colors, including matte solids and bright and neon water bottles.

User Friendly

When the lid of a water bottle is challenging to open, it will discourage children from drinking from the bottle. The pop-up and flip-top caps are the most user-friendly for children of all ages to manipulate.

Find styles that are easy to grip

Because children are sometimes awkward and busy, finding a water bottle they can easily hold onto is essential. Children can grasp the water bottle comfortably and securely thanks to an indentation at the top. It is often easier for youngsters to have plastic bottles than to grab aluminum or stainless-steel bottles.

Bottle Which Holds the Right Temperature

Your child would strongly desire cold water throughout this hot season, whether at school or playing outside on the grounds. To accomplish this, you need a water bottle capable of providing your child with water at the appropriate temperature. It is only feasible to achieve this by utilizing an insulated water bottle. The water in vacuum-insulated water bottles may be kept at an ice-cold or boiling temperature.

Child-specific considerations

Lastly, it is vital to be aware of all the pertinent rules about your kid’s school and to consider your child’s requirements. Several educational institutions have established certain conditions for water bottles, such as mandating particular caps or mandating that the bottles be see-through. There should be access to clean drinking water or water fountains in many schools considered to be less fortunate. If this is the case, you should provide your child with a significantly larger bottle for the day because they will not have access to refill it. In addition, it is a matter of common sense to purchase larger water bottles for older children. Make sure that you consider these particular aspects before making your purchase!


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