Why Is the Party Cup the Best Option for Parties?

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It is hard to miss this quintessential accessory of college nightlife. You probably used it at some weekend get-together your friends arranged at the last minute. It’s the one and only red party cup. Whether you are at a house party or an impromptu picnic, it is an American staple that seems all-pervasive. At this point, the red party cup has become ubiquitous with partying and drinking. And for good reason. Keep reading to find out why the red plastic party cup has become such a crucial part of parties.

Why are red party cups so popular for parties?

Regardless of the kind of party you are throwing, it is always safe to go with the red plastic party cup. Below are some of the reasons why you should always rely on the good old-fashioned red plastic party cup.

1.1 Incredibly inexpensive

As you are arranging food and drinks for your party, you may go a little overboard on your budget. But don’t worry, at least, you won’t be spending much on the reusable party cup. These are cost-effective and easily accessible, and most importantly, easy on your pocket as well.

1.2 Nice and Sturdy

They may not look like it, but these cups are quite sturdy. You can pour what you like in the red party cup, wine, booze, take your pick. It can aptly hold all kinds of beverages that you may have planned to serve your guests. So don’t worry if you are planning to pull an all-night raging house party, the cups will last for hours and hours. Moreover, if you prefer serving drinks in more comfortable-to-hold cups then that is also possible with party cups. We recommend you buy red plastic party cups with handles. In this way, you will be serving drinks to your guests in more convenient cups.

2oz red plastic party cup with handle
2oz Red plastic party cup with handle

1.3 Easy to arrange

Bulk ordering Red plastic party cups, you can easily arrange for drink containers for your guests. You can just stack them up on one side of the table. Not only will you get a lot of space for putting snacks and drink containers, but you can also arrange them in a creative way to make the table look decorative and party-ready.

1.4 Will not break

One clear advantage of having red plastic party cups at your gathering is that you don’t have to worry about them breaking. A party where you are serving alcohol is likely to get pretty crazy pretty fast. The last thing you want is to be stressed throughout the evening about someone knocking off your costly wine glasses. So use a party cup wine glass and enjoy the evening with your guests.

1.5 Easy to clean-up

When all fun and games end and everyone starts leaving, you will be the one stuck with cleaning all the mess. However, you can make your task a lot easier by using a red plastic party cup instead of traditional glasses. We recommend you buy reusable red party cup wine glasses so that you can throw them all out with the rest of the garbage, without worrying about washing or cleaning them.


Reusable Red Solo Cup Wine Glass
Reusable red solo cup wine glass

1.6 Great for playing drinking games

You can use the red plastic party cup in creative ways. No matter what kind of games you come up with, you don’t have to worry about the cups shattering over your ping pong table. If they are damaged, you can just pick the cups up and throw them out.

1.7 Measure your drinks

This one feature was a total accident. Even though the company didn’t intend it to be the case, you can totally use red party cup wine for measuring the alcohol content in your drinks. There are distinctive rings around the cup that you can use as the measuring mark for mixing different ingredients and creating interesting drinks. For instance, the bottom ring is equivalent to one shot, the next ring would be a glass of wine, while the next one after that would be a glass of beer.

Is it safe to reuse party cups?

Red party cups are great for serving drinks to a large number of people. It is because you do not have to throw the entire batch of red plastic party cups, every time you have a gathering at your house. These cups can be cleaned and used several times over. You can just hand wash, dry, and then reuse them again. There are just a few things to remember. First, if the cups are broken or damaged or fragmented from anywhere, then, in that case, they are not fit for use. Secondly, make sure that you hand wash them. Do not use a dishwasher to clean the red plastic party cup. The temperature of the dishwasher can shorten the re-usability lifespan of the cups. If you are looking for red party cups that you can reuse again and again, then we recommend you try red usable party cups.

reusable red solo cup
Reusable red solo cup

Why are red party cups not recyclable?

These are crafted from number six plastic known as thermoplastic polystyrene. This is a malleable kind of plastic that is affordable to produce on a large scale. In fact, toys and Styrofoam are also made out of this plastic-type. However, it is also one of the trickiest to recycle. Several recycling programs refuse to accept this kind of plastic. For example, the local recycling facility in Western Massachusetts does not accept this plastic for recycling.

How can I recycle a red plastic party cup?

However, over time several other alternatives have emerged. People can use these available alternatives to recycle plastics that are usually hard to recycle elsewhere. Among the host of emerging alternatives is a program started by Terracycle. This is a company that aptly recycles red party cups and other hard-to-recycle plastics.

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