We have the PMC(Production and Material Control) merchandiser responsible for the formulation of production plans and the control of production plan progress, as well as material planning, purchase requisition, material scheduling and inventory, and loss control. PMC will control the procurement progress and quality of each material, and check and give feedback on the production status and problems of the order.

plastic raw material
plastic products molding


Plastic moldings include injection molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, stretch blow molding, vacuum forming, etc. They have different advantages and features in processing various plastic products due to differences in raw materials, processing requirements, yields and their costs. In addition, we invest a wild range of injection equipment from 50T to 1000T to meet customers’ need and enhance development consistency and efficiency. 


The printing process includes silk screen printing, pad printing, thermal transfer printing, etc. We have more than 20 units of printing machines, screen printing machines, and heat transfer machines. They can meet the printing requirements of various and large-volume products in few days.

products custom printing
Assembly and Packing box

Assembly and Packing

For those plastic cups that contain accessories such as lids and straws, the assembly process includes to put the straws in, and cover the lids.

After the plastic product is assembled, put the complete product in a bag, put it into the inner box, and then pack the outer box for delivery.

Inspection of Goods

Before the plastic product is packaged for delivery, the inspector of the third-party inspection companies will check the details of the quantity, craftsmanship, function, color, size and packaging of the goods. The sampling method is carried out in accordance with internationally recognized standards such as ISO2859/NF X06-022/ANSI/ASQC Z1.4/BS 6001/DIN 40080. Also follow the buyer AQL sampling method.

products inspection
load and transport

Load and Transport

After passing the inspection, determine the loading date. Load and ship the plastic goods as arranged.


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