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It is interesting just how much the taste of a particular wine may differ, depending on the kind of glass it is being served in. From the shape of the glass to its design, everything plays a role in determining how the taste of the wine will taste when you serve it to your guests. Hence, you need to choose the right kind of plastic wine glasses for your next get-together. After all, you would like to leave a good impression. Picking the right wine glasses will earn you high praise from your friends and colleagues, and will probably, make them place a plastic wine glasses bulk order, as soon as they take your leave.

Different types of wine glasses and their purposes

By being specific and proper about your choice of wine glasses, you will be adding a lot more to your dining table than you think. Having a set of plastic party wine glasses can make or break the vibe of your party. Whether you are using plastic champagne glasses or adding acrylic wine goblets to the table, your choice should inspire guests to swirl, sniff, sip, and appreciate the flavors of the wine. If you aim to impress your guests, we would recommend you to try gold-coated plastic goblets. These would certainly add a lot of glitter and glam to your party.

Below are the principal categories of wine glasses:

1. Red Wine Glasses

Majorly, red wine glasses are large in size and fuller in design. They come with a round bowl and a massive opening. The large opening allows you to sniff the wine and enjoy its aroma. The fuller design allows for oxygen inside the glass, increasing the oxidation rate of the wine. This further brings out the layered flavors of the wine. There are 5 broad sub-categories of red wine glasses.

  • Burgundy Wine Glass
  • Pinot Noir Glass
  • Bordeaux Glass
  • Cabernet Sauvignon Glass
  • Standard Red Wine Glasses

2. White Wine Glasses

Instead of a fuller design, white wine glasses have a more u-shaped design. These are more elongated in shape and smaller in size than the wine glasses. The shape of the glass helps retain the cool temperature of the wine, while also preserving its aroma. Below are different types of white wine glasses you will commonly find.

  • Sauvignon Blanc Glass
  • Montrachet Glass
  • Chardonnay Wine Glass
  • Riesling Sweet and Standard Sweet Wine Glass

3. Dessert Wine Glasses

These are also small glasses and usually contain less amount. This is because dessert wines have higher alcohol content in them. The design of these glasses allows you to direct wine from the back of your mouth to the tip of your tongue so that you can adeptly detect the sweetness in the flavor of the wine. There are two types of dessert wine glasses commonly used:

  • Port Wine Glass
  • Sherry Wine Glass

4. Sparkling Wine and Champagne Glasses

The sparkles in the sparkling wine start vanishing as soon as the wine comes in contact with the oxygen. Hence, to retain its carbonation and flavor, Sparkling wine and champagne glasses are built to be upright and narrow. If you are looking for stylish and sturdy glasses to serve sparkling wine to your guests, we would recommend you try plastic champagne glasses. You will be surprised how durable yet trendy these glasses are.

Three types of commonly used champagne and sparkling wine glasses are as under:

  • Flute Wine Glass
  • Tulip Wine Glass
  • Vintage and Coupe Glass

5. Rose Wine Glasses

Rose wine glasses are used according to the kind of rose you are drinking- young or mature. Usually, two types of rose wine glasses are commonly used, depending upon the kind of rose being served.

  • Flared Lip Rose Glass
  • Slight Taper Rose Glass

6. All-Purpose Wine Glasses

As the name suggests, All-Purpose wine glasses will come in handy regardless of the kind of wine being served in them. Even though the drinking experience in an all-purpose wine glass may be a little compromised, it will still serve its purpose well. Most importantly, these are quite cost-effective. If you are looking for some trendy, all-purpose wine glasses, we would recommend you to go for purple-coated plastic wine glasses. Plastic wine glasses bulk ordering will save you a lot of money.

There are mainly two types of all-purpose wine glasses:

  •  With Stem
    Bowl shape in these glasses is retained, making them useful for serving both red and white wines.
  • Without Stem
    The shape and style are similar to bowl glasses, however, without the stem, the wine inside these glasses can get warmer a bit quicker. Still, these glasses boast an appealing aesthetic. They add a hip and contemporary look to your table.

Advantages of using plastic wine glasses

1. The very first advantage of using plastic or acrylic wine goblets is that you do not have to stress about them breaking. With glassware, you can never be more careful. Hence, do try acrylic wine goblets at your next party. You would be surprised how well it would suit your theme.

2. You can easily go online and find a plastic goblets wholesale store, where you can order plastic glasses in bulk and save a lot of money. Wine glasses can be quite a strain on your pocket, and therefore, buying a plastic water goblet is a feasible, yet trendier alternative. You are easily getting more value for your money with plastic margarita glass, and thus, we recommend it strongly that you take a look at these gorgeous glasses.

3. Plastic champagne glasses are light-weight compared to glass, and therefore, definitely a better choice for a picnic or outside drinking excursion. Wine glasses can be tricky to carry, as there is always a risk of them breaking. But in the case of plastic water goblet, there is nothing to worry about.

Where to buy plastic wine glasses in bulk?

With specialization in drinkware, United Industrial is one of the finest places on the internet to place a plastic wine glasses bulk order. You will get attractive prices that are hard to match for any other online store. Given the diverse range of plastic party wine glasses available here, you will find something for every type of wine you want to serve your guests. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping!

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