How to Choose Novelty Cups for Your Parties?

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Have you ever heard about a party without beverages? Neither we. No matter what is the occasion but drinks and beverages are always a very important part of the gathering. This trivial piece of decoration sometimes becomes a big issue because it is not easy to find perfect novelty cups that fit your requirements as well as compliments the décor vibes of the party. That’s why it becomes a very tedious process to decide on the perfect drinkware.

But don’t worry! Our wide range of novelty cups and novelty drinkware wholesale service has come to pull the damsel out of the distress.

How to choose the perfect drinkware for an event?

But before moving further let’s discuss some of the very important factors that come into play while choosing the right drinkware. When you start the search for choosing the perfect drinkware for your party, there are a few factors that should be considered. These are;

  • Material
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • Price

Not every drinkware or novelty cup is made in the same manner and with the same material. It is essential to check the composition material of the drinkware to choose a safe option. Make sure that the drinkware is made  of safe food-grade substance.

Then comes design. When you are choosing a novelty plastic drinkware make sure that it complements the décor of your occasion as well as enhances the vibes.

But does a good design enough? No! If a novelty cup has an amazing design but it is not practically functional then, it’s a total waste of money. So be sure that a designer novelty cup is also well functional on ground level.

Last but not the least, price! every party or event is planned on a fixed amount of budget. So be sure that the amount spent on drinkware and crockery is reasonable and fits into the budget.

Your perfect novelty cup match

While you are busy planning a party or an event, time is very important. We understand how tricky and tedious it gets to look after all the arrangements. But now don’t worry because our wide range of customized novelty cups and novelty drinkware wholesale service has everything that you need. From formal gatherings to house parties to marketing tricks, we have everything for every occasion.

Let’s take a tour of the world of novelty cups which can be seen at your next party! Maybe you also get some new décor inspiration too.


  • Christmas party

20 OZ Disco Ball Cup Bulk For Party

The best celebration time of the year. As far as you can see, every shop and house is covered with fairy lights and tinsels. But you are overwhelmingly searching for a perfect novelty cup for your party. Or maybe you are a business owner gloomily pondering a perfect marketing gift for your customers during Christmas. But not anymore! Because our snowman drinking tumbler with its cute and eye-catching design is just perfect for the occasion.

This Christmas novelty cup is made up of safe food-grade plastic. This novelty cup with straw is well functional for the purpose and also a light on your pocket.


  • Halloween

novelty plastic drinkware

Add some spook to your Halloween party with our Disco Ball Drinking Cups! They are perfect for making things more mysterious as well as serving delicious drinks to your guests. They guarantee to enhance the vibe of your Halloween decorations. The cups also make perfect giveaway products for your Halloween-themed marketing campaign, which are sturdy, spooky, and feasible. This is a novelty cup with straw making it more easily usable.


  • Birthday party

Ice Cream Tumbler With Cover for Promotion (3)

Whether you are planning a birthday party for a loved one or you are an event planner searching for just the right novelty drinkware wholesale, our ice-cream tumblers surely will make your search end. Their funky designs are perfect for parties and celebrations. They are safe for edible uses, price-effective, and eye-catching. You can browse through our wide collection of novelty plastic drinkware and can find the perfect match according to your décor plan.


  • Weddings

plastic party wine glasses

A very special day of your life! Then, all arrangements should be special too right. We are sure that our classy-looking plastic party wine glasses will fit your affluent arrangements like a glove. Also, they are safer than glass to use around the kids. They are made from safe-grade plastic which makes them suitable for edible uses.


  • Promotional gifts

Ruffly Tumbler Double Wall Tumbler with Straw


Stand out among crowded marketing tricks with our customized novelty cups. Just imagine how many people use novelty plastic drinkware daily and how many times in a day? The answer is uncountable!

Now think of getting your logo print on our customized novelty cups to gift your customers. Whether you are a restaurant owner or a bookstore owner, handing out our customized novelty cups to your customers like the Ruffly tumbler double wall will surely be appreciated by your clients. You can get them customized according to your business identity.


  • Formal events

red plastic party cup

Planning a formal event for your business? Then, make a statement with our reusable party cups. They are simple yet sophisticated. We provide customized novelty cups which means you can alter them according to your company and event needs. They are reusable which helps in reducing plastic waste and also becomes cost-effective.

Final verdict

The drinkware is a very important part of any party or event décor. Either it can lift the mood or it can interfere with the vibe of the event. You can use novelty plastic drinkware as an effective marketing strategy as well.

While choosing a novelty cup for any event or party, make sure it ticks four criteria columns; material, design, functionality, and price. Choosing the right drinkware is an overwhelming task but our novelty cups and novelty drinkware wholesale service provides a one-in-all solution. From promotional gifts to party return gifts and from formal events to informal parties, we have a wide range of customized novelty cups and novelty plastic drinkware. Now sit back and relax while your guests enjoy their delicious drinks in their novelty cups.

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