Plastic Cocktail Shakers Transparent Hand Shaker Cup

The great color choices of this plastic cocktail shakers will make your logo stand out. This is a great seller for gift shops, bookstores, and retail locations. Perfect for souvenir stores. Get for your team to show your spirit and appreciation for their efforts.

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12 OZ plastic cocktail shaker1. Material:

This plastic cocktail shakers adopts food grade PS material, high quality plastic, non-toxic and safe. The material is strong and durable, and the proper thickness makes the shaker cup not easy to break. So giving you a better drink mixing experience.

The lid is also using non-toxic and non-slip plastic. Creates a tight seal that helps prevent beverages from leaking when shaken. The plastic shaker cup can pass the leak test and has a good seal, making it ideal for bartending.

In addition, the PS material has good light transmittance. Therefore, it is suitable for making clear or brightly colored cocktail shakers. Of course, as a manufacturer, we can provide you with custom color services.

2. About The Use Of Cocktail Shakers:

This plastic shaker cup is manual. No complicated gadgets, easy to operate and use. Just pour the ingredients into the shaker, put the lid on, and shake. When you shake them, the transparent appearance clearly shows the colorful mixture, adding a wonderful visual experience for the night.

The easily removable lid makes this plastic cocktail shakers easy to clean. Simply wash with detergent and lukewarm water, then wipe and store. The 12-ounce size adds a different style to your kitchen without taking up space.

3. Function And Application:

You can use this plastic shaker cup to make smoothies, milk tea, hot chocolate and a variety of different liquors. Including: Mojito, Whiskey, Vodka, Tequila, Gin, Rum, Martini, Margarita, Sake, Liqueur, etc. Of course, you can use it to improve your bartending skills.

This plastic cocktail shaker is not only suitable for indoor bar or home use, but also perfect for a variety of themed events or outdoor dining venues. Because you don’t have to worry about breakage like you do with a glass cocktail shaker. At the same time, the plastic cocktail shakers are also the perfect gift for cocktail lovers for birthdays, Christmases, anniversaries and more.



Plastic Cocktail Shakers Transparent Hand Shaker Cup

Item No.: PCS-03

Capacity: 12 OZ

Material: Food grade/BPA Free

Dimension: 8.5*17.5 CM

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