Electronic Plating Plastic Cocktail Shaker For Bar Party Home Use

This electronic plating plastic cocktail shaker use PS material. Consists of a shaker, a built-in filter and a lid. Full-featured, simple to operate, suitable for home bar use.

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1. Material:

The body of this plastic cocktail shaker uses food grade PS material. BPA-free, non-toxic and environmentally friendly, you can use it with confidence. Electroplated surfaces in various colors add a stylish touch to this cocktail shaker. Improve wear resistance, but also play a decorative role.

2. Structure And Function:

Structurally, this 6 oz plastic cocktail shaker is a cobbler shaker. Because it has a built-in filter. Our filters are finely punched without worrying about burrs. At the same time, it is more convenient to operate, and there is no need to purchase additional filtering equipment. The small size is more suitable for home and personal use, and it is convenient to control the dosage. Plus, this cocktail shaker is easy to disassemble and easy to clean.

3. Our Service:

If you have any questions about this plastic cocktail shaker, you can contact us online. As a professional manufacturer, we can provide you with excellent service. Of course, after-sales service is also included. In addition, we can provide samples, or proofing. According to your needs, we have a professional design team that can customize the style you want.



Electronic Plating Plastic Cocktail Shaker For Bar Party Home Use

Item No.: PCS-15

Capacity: 6  OZ

Material: PS

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