Plastic Cocktail Shaker 6 OZ With Measurements

The great color choices of this 6OZ Plastic Cocktail Shaker will make your logo stand out. This is a great seller for gift shops, bookstores, and retail locations. Perfect for souvenir stores. Get for your team to show your spirit and appreciation for their efforts.

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6OZ Plastic Cocktail Shaker1. Materials For Cocktail Shakers:

This plastic cocktail shaker adopts food grade PS material. The material is non-toxic, tasteless, safe and healthy. In addition, PS is a hard plastic, durable and not easily deformed. Compared to stainless steel, plastic cocktail shakers are lighter and easier to use.

PS is highly transparent, and the amount of water inside can be clearly seen. Of course, scales, patterns or logos can also be clearly printed on the cup. At the same time, it supports customizing various colors without worrying about fading.

2. Composition And Structure:

The plastic cocktail shaker consists of a lid, built-in strainer and cup body. The whole is removable, easy to use and clean. The lid seals well and won’t leak even when shaken. The strainer helps you filter ice cubes for quick and easy drink making. The curved design of the cup body gives you a good feel and makes it easy to grip.

3. Function:

The plastic cocktail shaker with measurements allows for better metering of drinks. The 6-ounce capacity is easy to carry and use. Therefore, it can help you make delicious mixed drinks easily. Suitable for various occasions, such as bars, theme cafes, milk tea shops. You can even make your favorite drinks like milk tea, smoothies, cocktails, etc. at home. It’s also a great gift for anyone who likes to make their own cocktails.

4. Precautions For Use:

Seal the cocktail shaker before shaking the liquid. Be careful not to shake too fast. If you feel gas rising, you need to open the lid to release the gas and continue shaking. Finally, if you have difficulty opening the cup, you can open the lid first and then the strainer. Of course, if you have any questions about this plastic cocktail shaker during use, please feel free to communicate with us online.


Plastic Cocktail Shaker 6 OZ With Measurements

Item No.: PCS-01

Capacity: 6  OZ

Material: Food grade/BPA Free

Dimension: 6.5*14.5 CM

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