14 OZ Plastic Cocktail Shaker With Stirrer Stick

This 14 oz plastic cocktail shaker includes a shaker tin, a built-in strainer, and a lid. Complete structure, easy to operate, suitable for novice use.

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1. Material:

This 14 oz cocktail shaker uses PS material, non-toxic and odorless. And the transparency of PS material is higher, and it is easier to see the scale of the bottle body and the liquid in the bottle. At the same time, the choice of materials means that this cocktail shaker has more possibilities in the design of shape and color. The sleek and colorful look makes this plastic cocktail shaker look great on a bar cart or home bar.

2. Structure:

This cocktail shaker has a one-piece construction. It consists of three parts: a shaker, a lid and a built-in filter, so it is also called a cobbler shaker. Each part is detachable and easy to operate. You can get started quickly with almost no training, and it is more beginner-friendly. Plus, this plastic cocktail shaker is more affordable while meeting the basics.

3. Our Service:

As a manufacturer of plastic cocktail shakers, we can provide customized services. Including customization of shape, size, color, pattern and logo. In addition, we can also provide sample service to ensure satisfactory results for both parties.


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