Custom Packaging Boxes

Forms of packaging boxes

The packaging box is used to package the plastic cups or bottles. It is light, easy to carry, and can ensure the safety of the product during transportation. There has wide source of raw materials making packaging box, some are eco-friendly. They are help to improve the overall grade of the plastic drinkwares. You may customize the packaging box for your products. The prices of packaging boxes depend on the sizes, materials, and processes.

1. White box

It can be divided into corrugated (3 or 5 layers) white box and non-corrugated white box. After the product is packaged, it is generally sealed with tape.

2. Color box

It is divided into corrugated color box and non-corrugated color box. From the style of the color box, it also includes a single-insert box and a double-insert box.

3. Display box

The display box (or called PDQ)  is mainly including color display box, display box with PVC cover, etc. This packaging enables inside products can be seen intuitively.

4. Gift box

Gift box packaging is good for promotion. It is generally brightly colored, with an obvious logo.

5. Brown corrugated box

The commonly used are 3-layer corrugated box and 5-layer corrugated box. After the product is packaged, it is generally sealed with tape.

Materials of packaging boxes

1. Paper box

There are White Box, Brown Box, Color Box. The paper materials include White Cardboard, Black Cardboard, Silver Cardboard, Gold Cardboard, Corrugated Paper, Kraft Paper, Coated Paper, Specialty Paper and so on. Beside of ordinary white papers,  other types are copy paper and crepe paper.

2. Other materials

Other materials including Bubble paper, Styrofoam, Sponge, Pearl foam can protect items from being bumped and damaged, which is convenient for items transportation and preservation.

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