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Plastic Printing Process

The plastic printing process includes silk screen printing, pad printing, thermal transfer printing, etc. It is necessary to select the appropriate printing process according to the product material, surface and other factors. Then choose the printing method according to factors such as cost, pattern effect, pattern adhesion, whether to authenticate or not.

Silk Screening on Plastic

Our automatic screen printing machine can be used for curved screen printing of cylindrical, oval and flat products made of plastic, glass, metal and other materials. The printed plastic products mainly include cosmetic bottles, detergent bottles, plastic water bottles, cups, jars, etc.

Silk-screening is able to print custom colors and surface effects using specialized inks. The bold, bright, firm and metallic colors can make logos or images stand out.

Features of Silk-Screening on Plastic

Heat Transfer Printing on Plastic

Heat transfer or thermal transfer printing is a method of printing that enables printing a design onto plastic cups and bottles. Heat transfer is very commonly used to print logos and images onto plastic bottles and cups.

Features of Heat Transfer Printing

Pad Printing on Plastic

Pad printing is the process of combining a solvent-based pad printing ink with solvent, hardener, and other chemicals. Printing on a certain substrate necessitates using a specific ink. Using a pad printing machine, an ink cup is filled with ink and then put on the machine’s pad. An etched plate is used as a stamp by the pad printing machine, which transfers the artwork from the pad to the product.

Features of Pad Printing on Plastic

UV Printing on Plastic

This is a direct-to-substrate UV printing or UV ink jet printing technology. The artwork is made in a design program like Photoshop or Illustrator, and then it is sent to the printer to be printed. An ink jet printer uses cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink to produce the computer-generated picture of the product in the form of small droplets. The UV/LED light that is standard on all printers is used to cure the ink jet ink. One-color and three-color printing machines can meet different printing needs. UV silk screen printing machine enables perfect color-to-color print large quantity bottles per minute. This machine is ideal for printing on a variety of plastic cup/bottle shapes, including round, oval, and square.

Features of UV Printing on Plastic

Plastic Electroplating Process

Electroplating involves using an electrical current to create a thin layer of metal over-top plastic materials. Electroplating is typically done to give plastic item a more luxurious finish and to add certain properties, like anti-corrosion and anti-rust,increase wear resistance and enhance appearance.

Features of Plastic Electroplating Party Balls

Plastic Painting Process

Spray painting is also a commonly used surface treatment process. Plastic materials such as nylon, PP, ABS, and PC are the most commonly used materials for spray painting. ABS and PC materials generally do not have adhesion problems. Paint materials include ordinary paint, rubber paint, PU paint, UV paint, etc. Fully automatic spraying can achieve 100% uniform spraying on the surface of the product.

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