How to Choose a Cocktail Shaker for Home Bartenders?

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This is something that you probably have seen often at your local bar or restaurant. Many who consider themselves as the connoisseurs of the art of mixing a drink, prefer keeping a plastic cocktail shaker at home. However, there are many to whom the appeal of a cocktail shaker remains a mystery. Are you curious to know what a best quality cocktail shaker adds to your drinking experience? Keep reading to find out!

Do you need a cocktail shaker?

You are probably thinking, “why should I bother looking up a plastic cocktail shaker wholesale store online, to buy a cocktail shaker”? “Is it worth the trouble”? Well, below are the three major functions that the best quality cocktail shaker can accomplish.

1.1 Cold beverages are mixed well with a cocktail shaker

Have you ever poured sugar into your iced tea? Well, then you probably know how difficult it is to mix sugar in a cold beverage. You would have to stir it for a long time before the sugar is completely dissolved. That is exactly the difficulty that arises when you mix cold ingredients to create a cocktail. This problem is solved by a good plastic cocktail shaker.

1.2 The mixing process gets a lot faster

Surely, what you want is to sit back and enjoy your drink, instead of spending a lot of time stirring your drink. This is what the best quality cocktail shaker is for. With the help of a plastic cocktail shaker, you can quickly make lukewarm ingredients such as booze, extremely cold. Most importantly, you would be able to do it fast.

1.3 You can swiftly dilute your drink

The hush-hush secret about cocktails is that they are often diluted to achieve a particular taste. You can try it yourself if you do not believe it. Make any cocktail following the exact recipe, except, do not add ice. Mix it well and let it cool down in the refrigerator for a while. On tasting it, you will find it too strong. It’s primarily because nearly all cocktail recipes presume 25 to 40% water dilution that occurs due to shaking.

14 OZ Plastic Cocktail Shaker With Stirrer Stick
14 oz Plastic cocktail shaker with stirrer stick


When to use a cocktail shaker?

Films can give you the wrong idea about cocktail shakers and how they are to be used. For instance, don’t use a plastic cocktail shaker to shake, mix, and chill a traditional martini; that’s something only film characters do. Cocktail shakers are not used to mix drinks that are made from pure spirits.

You should use a cocktail shaker to mix drinks that are made by combining alcohol, juices, and syrups. These ingredients often don’t mix well with just stirring, and that’s when you need the cocktail shaker home bar set to mix the drink well.

There are few things to know about how a cocktail shaker works.

  1. The ice inside the shaker serves a similar purpose as the blender ball. The beverage inside moves a lot quicker than it normally would if you use a spoon. This results in a more thorough mixing of the beverage.
  2. The ice also cools down the ingredients, making the drink chill. Shaking breaks the ice into even smaller pieces. Thus, you get a super chill drink, almost instantaneously.


Which type of cocktail shaker is best?

If you would go online and browse for a plastic cocktail shaker wholesale store, you will find that there are three types of cocktail shakers that are most common:

  • The Boston Shaker
  • The Cobbler Shaker
  • The French Shaker

Which Type Of Cocktail Shaker Is More Suitable For You? The Boston cocktail shaker bar set is among the most commonly used cocktail shakers. These are majorly preferred by bartenders, both in professional as well as in high-end bars.

There are various kinds of Boston cocktail shaker bar sets available online. The cups of Boston cocktail shaker do not get stuck together. This a problem that often arises while using cobbler shakers. Such problems arise when the shaker has been in use continuously. After making some drinks using the shaker, it often becomes a lot colder, which results in its getting stuck. However, as you practice, you would be able to quickly open and seal the shaker. Another major advantage of the Boston cocktail shaker bar set is that it is incredibly easy to clean. Hence, cleaning this shaker is quite a hassle-free exercise.

Plastic Cocktail Shaker Wholesale
Plastic cocktail shaker wholesale

How to choose a cocktail shaker?

When it comes to choosing the right cocktail shaker for home bartenders, a lot depends on your preferences. Depending upon the kinds of drinks to prefer, you should consider three things:

4.1 Versatility of the cocktail shaker

If you prefer a variety of cocktails that you should pick something that can mix several different drinks. So that you can enjoy a different drink, every time, even when you are at home. We recommend you to try plastic cocktail shake. It would be a great pick to mix a variety of drinks for guests at your house party.

4.2 Design of the cocktail shaker

If you are particular about the aesthetic or look of the shaker, then we recommend you should go for a shaker with a more savvy design. 14 OZ Plastic Cocktail Shaker would be a great pick for a cocktail shaker that has a truly great design and style.

4.3 Capacity of the cocktail shaker

If you want your cocktail shaker to hold a good amount of beverage, then you should choose according to the capacity of the cocktail shaker. We would recommend you to go for the Boston cocktail shaker bar set, as it is quite voluminous.


Dummy Bottle Plastic Cocktail Shaker
14oz Bottle Plastic Cocktail Shaker


Getting a plastic cocktail shaker for your home is a great idea if you are looking to host fun drinking parties for your buddies, in the comfort of your home. Given that these are made of the best quality plastic, you don’t have to worry about accidental falling or breaking of your shakers. Also, you can customize the design and logo to match the aesthetics of your home. So what are you waiting for? Get your plastic cocktail shaker home bar set today!

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