Plastic Shaker Bottle Cobbler Cocktail Shaker Bulk

The great color choices of this plastic shaker bottle will make your logo stand out. This is a great seller for gift shops, bookstores, and retail locations. Perfect for souvenir stores. Get for your team to show your spirit and appreciation for their efforts.

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1. Material:

This plastic shaker bottle adopts PS material as a whole. Food-grade professional plastic material, non-toxic and odorless, safe to use.

The structure of PS plastic cocktail shaker is stable, high quality and durable. This also makes it have a strong sealing performance and is not easy to leak. At the same time, the cost of plastic shakers is lower than that of stainless steel cocktail shakers.

2. Appearance Design:

This plastic shaker bottle has a exquisite and stylish look with a polished, lustrous finish. The curved design is ergonomic and the grip is very comfortable. The surface of the bottle has a clear scale and is printed with a lacquer surface, which is not easy to fall off.

This plastic cocktail shaker bulk supports appearance customization. As a manufacturer, we can customize colors and print logos for you. Therefore, it is suitable for supermarket promotions or corporate branding.

3. Structure And Function:

Three-stage interface design, high injection molding, precise matching of upper, middle and lower parts, easy to open. Exquisite craftsmanship ensures that no water leaks even if you shake the bottle vigorously. Detachable design, easy to assemble and disassemble, can fill the plastic shaker bottle with ice cubes and wine. This speeds up the process of making delicious mixed drinks.

The built-in strainer can filter ice cubes to help you make drinks quickly and easily. The 8-ounce size is easy to handle, and you can make milk tea, hot chocolate or cocktails at home.

4. Scope Of Application:

This plastic shaker bottle is suitable for many different occasions. Such as bars, parties, clubs, theme restaurants, milk tea shops, coffee shops, etc. Of course, the special thing is that it is also suitable for beginners to use at home. It can meet different needs, including making smoothie drinks or various alcoholic beverages.



Plastic Shaker Bottle Cobbler Cocktail Shaker Bulk

Item No.: PCS-02

Capacity: 8 OZ

Material: Food grade/BPA Free

Dimension: 8*16.5 CM

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