Mini Plastic Cocktail Shaker Wholesale For Home Bar

This mini plastic cocktail shaker use PS material. Consists of a shaker, a built-in filter and a lid. Full-featured, simple to operate, suitable for home bar use.

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Mini Plastic Cocktail Shaker Wholesale For Home Bar1. Material:

This mini plastic cocktail shaker adopts PS material. Thickened PS material is resistant to cold and heat, not easy to break, and durable. In addition, the PS material cocktail shaker has a long service life and is easy to clean. So it is a practical tool for bartenders.

As a professional manufacturer, our plastic cocktail shaker wholesale all use high-quality plastic materials. Safe and reliable to use. Therefore, it is widely used in various commercial environments, such as milk tea shops, coffee shops, bars, etc.

2. Structure And Function:

This clear cocktail shaker has a 6 oz capacity. Small in size but functional enough for home bar use. Comes with a built-in filter to help you make delicious drinks with ease. As a novice, you do not need to buy additional accessories, which is convenient and worry-free.

There is a leak-proof design at the connection of the cup body. Exquisite workmanship ensures that the bottle won’t leak even if you shake it violently. You can shake it with confidence to make delicious cocktails.

The scaled cup body is convenient and accurate to measure the liquid capacity in the cup. It reduces the difficulty of operation and makes it easier to use. This is also the strength of this mini plastic cocktail shaker.

3. Our Service:

We can provide sample service. For customized products, we can make samples for you. But you need to pay sample fee and shipping fee. Rest assured, we will refund this part of the fee after you place a subsequent order. As an experienced factory, we can guarantee the quality of mini plastic cocktail shaker. If you have any questions about the product in the future, you can also contact us at any time. We will provide high-quality and reliable after-sales service.


Mini Plastic Cocktail Shaker Wholesale For Home Bar

Item No.: PCS-14

Capacity: 6  OZ

Material: PS


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