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Glass bottles v/s plastic bottles is a long-standing debate. You too have probably scratched your head at some point or the other, thinking what should be your choice. But it all depends on what you are using the bottles for. For feeding kids milk, glass is a better option, but as drinkware for your summer party, you should go for plastic milk bottles. There are several reasons why plastic bottles are a better option for serving milk, especially, during gatherings and parties with a large number of people.

Drinkware for a summer party

Below are some prominent reasons why you should be using plastic milk bottles for parties.

1. Sturdy and durable

Let’s say you are throwing a house party for your friends. Everyone is having fun and no one is paying attention to whether the milk containers are carefully being kept on one side. Surely, glass bottles are prone to breaking and they can very well break and shatter into sharp pieces. If you want to avoid making a mess, or worse, getting your guests or yourself hurt, it’s best to go for plastic milk bottles. If you are looking for rugged and resilient drinkware set for your next party, we recommend you should get 20 oz Plastic Milk Bottles.

2. Attractive colors

Plastic materials can be easily morphed into a number of different ways. This is why you get to see such beautiful colors and patterns on plastic milk jars with lids. Contrary to their glass counterparts, plastic milk bottles perfectly fit within the colorful world of your summer party. For instance, several beautifully made plastic milk jars come in stunning colors with fun-looking handles and measurement marks. We make these bottles in all kinds of colors and shades, from crystal clear to translucent to entirely opaque. If you are looking for a lovely-looking bottle set to spice up the drinkware of your pool party, we recommend you to try Plastic Milk Bottles For Parties.

3. Fun styles

There are several options available now when it comes to plastic milk bottles. From trendy and fashionable to classic and sophisticated, there are all kinds of variety at your fingertips. You can add some real flair to your party by using a retro-style plastic milk bottle with a straw. We would recommend you to pick the 12 oz Vintage Plastic Milk Jars With Twist Straw. You will find how neatly these fun and colorful jars will fit into your over-the-top extravaganza.

4. Safe to use

Good quality plastic milk bottles and milk jars use high-density polyethylene. We also call it HDPE or number 2 plastic. And we will not make milk bottles by recycling other plastics instead of polyethylene. It is because there are stringent FDA guidelines that impose restrictions on manufacturers to obtain plastics from second-hand sources. These guidelines ensure that there are no safety concerns regarding bacterial or chemical contamination due to plastic milk bottles.


5. Lightweight

Plastic milk jars with lids are a lot less weighty than their glass counterparts. They only weigh around four ounces per half-gallon container. Given just how lightweight plastic milk jars are, you can easily transport them and carry them yourself, without worrying about them breaking.

6. Saves energy

Many people don’t know that plastic bottles can save energy. Given the lightweight of the plastic bottles, these require less energy and costs in terms of transportation. Moreover, plastic milk bottles have relatively low melting points. Therefore, they also require less energy to produce. Contrary to plastic, glass bottles are quite energy and cost-intensive, both in terms of their manufacturing as well as transportation.

Are plastic milk bottles recyclable?

Plastic milk bottles increase the burden on landfills or oceans, and the ever-growing plastic garbage dumps have caused more worries and complaints about plastic bottles. But the good news is that plastics can also be recycled.

Milk bottles, just like many other kinds of plastic bottles, can be adequately recycled into other types of products. Usually, by recycling products like the plastic milk bottle with straw, and turn into home utility products. These include carpet fibers, pillow stuffing, tote bags, strapping material, toothbrushes, flower pots, among others. Children’s toys are also made from recycled plastic acquired from plastic milk jars.

A few specific beverage bottles and non-food containers also use recycled plastic. However, largely, bottles not use recycled materials, because of the strict FDA guidelines to ensure the health and safety of people, concerning plastic usage.

Plastic v/s Glass: The environmental impact

Several different factors play a role in determining the overall impact glass and plastics respectively have on the environment. Hence, comparing both and deciding which one is better, environmentally speaking, is a lot trickier than it seems.

Plastics are long considered harmful to the environment because a large majority of single-use plastics are non-biodegradable. However, when we take the manufacturing and transportation process into account, glass leaves a much larger carbon footprint than plastic, during its lifetime. It is because the process to manufacture glass is much more complex than the process of manufacturing plastic. The more complex a manufacturing process is, the more carbon emissions are released into the environment as a result of the process. Carbon and methane are two of the primary greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.


As long as plastic milk bottles are responsibly recycled, the overall impact it has on the environment can be managed. Plastic milk jars and jugs are also recyclable. Hence, there should be an attempt from consumers to adopt the eco-friendly practice of recycling. Many do not know but even waste management consumes a lot of energy. Therefore, plastics are a better alternative than something like gable-top cartons. As long as you reuse and recycle the plastic milk bottles you are using, plastics are not that bad of an option, even environmentally speaking. So feel free to browse through the assortment of choices available online and dazzle your guests with funky and colorful milk jars.

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