Which Cups Do You Need To Prepare For Your Party?

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Either as a decoration or as a container for drinks. Plastic cups are essential items for parties of different themes. Because of the strong demand for these plastic cups, more and more different styles of plastic cups are emerging in the market today. Such as special-looking disco ball cups, unicorn cups, practical straw cups and colorful shot cups. Faced with so many choices, as a consumer, do you also have a lot of confusion. Then, this article will analyze from the perspective of different parties, how to choose the right cup for your party.

1. Pool Party:

Summer is here, are you ready for a special pool party? Refreshing drinks are a must for a pool party. You’ll need some special cups for these cold drinks. Such as the colorful rainbow cup and the plastic unicorn cup. Added cute accessories to the straws of the cups, including pineapples and flamingos. It has a unique shape and incorporates some summer pool elements. And it will definitely make your pool party unforgettable. It was so much fun to be able to relax in the warm sun and spend time with family and friends.

Of course, these plastic cups use PS material, which has strong plasticity. Therefore, you can customize the look according to your preferences. Make it more suitable for your desired pool party image. You can choose a surface plating process for the cup, which has good abrasion resistance and light reflection. Reflecting sunlight into the pool, the sparkling water is definitely a feast for the eyes.

2. Disco Party:

Decades have come and gone, but disco-themed party ideas are always a favorite. How to create the perfect 1970s-inspired disco party. We wanted to bring people into the funky fun of the 70s through the party, or a tribute to the 70s. Although we now live in an era where LED make everything easier. But I think disco ball is a better way to recreate the vibe of the 70s. The heart and soul of the party, disco balls were all the rage in the 1970s and have always been lighting up clubs. So we can try to do some fusion and keep pace with the times. Use LED light fixtures instead of disco balls as a source of light to create a disco atmosphere. Plus, hang decorative disco balls and add special disco ball cups.

Nothing says party like a disco ball cup. The disco ball drinking cups use BPA-free PS material. Compared with other plastics, it has better transparency (88%-92% light transmittance) and surface gloss. This means that the cup body can refract light at multiple angles, reflecting the sparkling ball effect. No doubt this is more in line with the needs of party cups and brings extra sparkle to your party.

Besides being a decoration, this shiny disco ball can also be used as a beverage container. The 20 oz capacity adds practicality. Perfect for serving beer, wine, cocktails or whatever you like. We also designed a lid and straw for this disco ball cup for easy sipping at parties.

3. Birthday Party:

Besides birthday cake, what else can you prepare for a birthday party. I think atmospheric decoration is an essential part. Balloons, streamers, flowers and pretty cups. Such as the strawberry cup, even ordinary drinks will become special, adding a pink and sweet flavor to birthdays. You can take pictures for this memorable moment. Or send it to social networking sites to share your joy with more people. Of course, the cute cups can also be used as gifts for your friends or family on their birthday.

We have incorporated clever ideas into the design of the cup base. On the premise of retaining the overall shape, the stability of the bottom is guaranteed. So these plastic cups can stand independently and stably on the table, without worrying about shaking or flipping easily. Aesthetically pleasing and practical. This is important, no one wants their birthday party ruined by a spilled drink.

4. Graduation Party:

Graduation means sadness and goodbye, as well as anticipation for the new journey that is about to begin. Therefore, many people will choose to attend a graduation party when they graduate to leave good memories. If you can, try using plastic cups for cocktails at parties. After all, the dance floor and margaritas are the perfect match for a graduation party.

Plastic cups using PS material will be more affordable in price. With a limited budget, this is a more cost-effective option, giving every graduate who attends a party a custom plastic cup. Such as printing the name or school logo, through silk screen printing. This is undoubtedly a memorable event. Of course, the price of this bulk purchase and customization will be more favorable.

5. Children’s Themed Party:

Safety is always the first factor when it comes to cups for children’s parties. Choose the plastic cup using PS material, which is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and can pass the FDA test to protect the health of children. In order to be loved by children, you can customize the shape, pattern, color, etc. of the cup. It has been adapted to different themes, such as jungle animal party, children’s birthday party. Of course, we also have several lovely cups to choose from. Such as the pineapple cup, lemon shaped cup and the star shape cup, which are our exclusive styles. These styles of cups have added a straw design, which is more suitable for children to drink. At the same time, it can also exercise the independent ability of younger children. Therefore, it is also a good choice as a party gift for children.

Hopefully, through this article, you’ve got the right idea on how to choose a cup for your party. Regarding the materials, structural characteristics and applicability of different plastic cups. Of course, as the article says, as a cup factory, we can provide you with customized services. Likewise, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us online.

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