Why Are Insulated Plastic Tumblers Popular Promotional Gifts?

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When it comes to promotional gifts or branded giveaways, few products work better than drinkware items. People always find everyday liquid storage items quite usable. Given their utility, drinkware products have a massive demand in the market. Moreover, these products can be easily customized, and therefore, brands prefer them as well. Among all the various drinkware products available, insulated plastic tumblers have especially become quite popular. The same is true for plastic insulated cups as well. People can easily use them at home or in the office. Thus, it’s always a savvy choice for brands to pick these as their branding or promotional gifts.

1. Why are custom plastic drinkware popular promotional gifts?

There are many reasons why plastic drinkware such as insulated plastic tumblers are among the most popular kind of promotional gifts:

1.1 Used for a long time

Simple items of everyday use, like plastic insulated cups, can be used for a long time by customers. Usually, an item such as an insulated plastic tumbler has longevity. Customers keep using these products for a long time, as they are durable. As a result, it can keep underlining the presence of your brand for a long time in front of the customer.

1.2 Cost-effective freebies

As a brand, if you can get your hands on wholesale plastic insulated tumblers, then it could be pretty cost-effective to distribute them as giveaways to your loyal customers. By getting a plastic insulated tumbler in bulk, you will be able to save a lot of money. Not only does insulated plastic tumblers are in-trend and fashionable, but they also have high-utility and therefore, your target audience is likely to find them useful. If you are looking for cost-effective drinkware to buy in bulk, we would recommend Wholesale Insulated Plastic Tumblers.

1.3 One of the best ways to spread brand Awareness

Many people prefer having a cup of coffee every day after waking up in the morning. As a brand, if you choose to present your customers with plastic insulated cups then you are pretty much guaranteed to get their attention towards your brand and its message. After all, you are directly becoming a part of their daily routine. Using drinkware items such as insulated plastic tumblers, you are connecting your brand with the users in a meaningful way. By getting customized designs and logos on the items, you can create a lasting impression on the minds of your audience.

1.4 Budget-friendly marketing investment

Many brands struggle to put a leash on their marketing budget. Often big-ticket promotions such as billboards and media advertisements can leave your budget hanging high and dry. These are expensive marketing strategies that are not always rewarding. In comparison, offering customers items of everyday use is quite a budget-friendly strategy. You can purchase plastic insulated tumblers in bulk, which costs a lot less than billboards or advertisements. Hence, marketing departments can save a lot of money by purchasing drinkware like wholesale plastic insulated tumblers. Printed plastic insulated cups are inexpensive gifts that make for great promotional items. Moreover, they have much better ROI. A billboard or an ad may go unnoticed, but the customer would be looking at his/her coffee cup every day.

Thus, whether it is for trade show promotions, customer giveaways, or being given to employees as gifts, drinkware items such as insulated plastic tumblers double-wall, are always the preferred choice.

2. What to consider before choosing to customize promotional insulated plastic tumblers?

There are a number of things that you should consider before picking insulated plastic tumblers double-wall, as your brand’s promotional tool.

2.1 Type of the tumbler

Primarily, four types of tumblers are broadly available in the market:

  • Air-insulated tumblers
  • Foam insulated tumblers
  • Vacuum insulated tumblers and
  • Copper vacuum insulated

The air-insulated tumblers come with air suspended between the two walls. Similarly, the foam and the copper insulated tumblers have foam and copper insulated between the two walls, respectively. Both air and foam tumblers are well suited for warm and cold weather conditions. Vacuum insulated and copper insulated models are best for heat and cold retention. If you are looking for a nice and sturdy tumbler that can fit your budget, we would recommend getting Insulated Plastic Tumblers Double Wall.

2.2 Volume of the tumbler

You should choose insulated plastic tumblers with good capacity so that people would carry a decent amount of water or other beverages. In general, the holding capacity of average insulated tumblers ranges between 8 to 32 ounces.

2.3 Material of the tumbler

Even though stainless tumblers are more effective in terms of temperature retention, there are many drawbacks to steel tumblers. Firstly, they are heavier to carry than plastic insulated tumblers. In addition to that, they are also quite expensive and therefore, not a feasible option to be given as promotional gifts.

2.4 Handle or grip the tumbler

A handle makes it easy for the user to carry the tumbler. Many people prefer having a handle on their insulated tumbler. It not only is more convenient but also adds to the aesthetic value of the tumbler. We would, therefore, recommend you to choose Insulated Plastic Tumblers Double Wall With Handle, for giving greater convenience and comfort to your customers and/or employees.

2.5 Ease of cleaning the tumbler

One of the biggest factors you have to consider before buying an insulated tumbler is whether or not it is easy to clean. Many tumblers can only be hand washed. Thus, you should take note before making a choice.


Be it the easy portability or their cost-effectiveness, insulated plastic tumblers and plastic insulated cups make for great promotional gifts. They will convey the message of your brand in the most subtle, yet significant way to your target audience. These drinkware products can easily fit into any drink holder, be it in your bag or your car. Give your customers a chance to enjoy a cup of coffee while they walk to their workplace. They will surely take note of your brand every time they take a sip.

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