Why Choose Promotional Water Bottles?

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Have you ever been attracted by promotional gifts in stores? Are you happy for the free promotional gifts you get? Do you have many gifts in your home that are given out by brands for promotional activities? Nowadays, promotional gifts are a very common business tool that can enhance the relationship between sellers and consumers. Promotional gifts allow companies to showcase their brand in a positive light.

What is the use of promotional gifts in promotions?

What promotional gifts have you seen? The very common items are pens, notebooks, key rings, mugs, T-shirts, water bottles and other everyday items. The promotional gifts always are imprinted with the company’s logo, slogan, or other branding elements. In this way, consumers can see the company’s trademark every time they use them, thereby increasing the brand’s exposure. After a while, consumers will be able to remember the brand.

Attract more customers to be interested in the store

First of all, we need to attract customers’ attention, that is, let people know that we have promotion activities going on. At this time, the gift strategy only needs to be able to achieve the purpose of attracting and informing. Therefore, the gifts we choose should not only be useful to customers, but also have text information printed to promote activities. The gifts we can choose include: napkin bags printed with event theme content, non-woven bags, mouse pads, etc.

Extend customer interaction time

Secondly, let those customers who come to the store stay longer and extend the interaction time. As long as customers enter the store, they can get a gift. At this time, the gift strategy must focus on being exquisite and distinctive, so as to attract potential consumers and make them willing to interact with sales staff in the next step. Specific gifts to choose from: exquisite umbrellas, durable ponchos, cute pillows, etc. Of course, the quantity will be limited depending on the price.

Promote purchases and improve performance

Finally, use promotional gifts to entice customers to purchase and achieve the real purpose of the promotion – to increase sales. So our gift strategy at this time is to give gifts that are attractive enough. Only when customers truly feel they are getting a big deal will they be willing to buy.

Therefore, such promotional gifts must have these characteristics: good quality, strong usability, possible accessories, improved after-sales service, etc. Combined with the level of consumption in the promotion, tap the consumption potential as much as possible to truly drive sales. Of course, you can also use discount coupons and lottery gifts to stimulate customers to buy more. We can give accessories for purchasing high-value items as gifts (leather stools for furniture, pillows for sofas, etc.), and products that need to be purchased later as gifts (kitchenware for cabinets, clothes hangers for wardrobes, etc.), and gifts that are used in daily life.

For each promotional event, we also need to decide what kind of promotional gifts to use based on different industries, product categories, as well as competitive conditions. The ultimate goal of conducting promotional activities is to increase sales.

cola shaped water bottle collection

What are the characteristics of promotional gifts?

Promotional gifts are mainly gifts with obvious advertising properties given to consumers by companies in order to attract customers, increase product sales or expand brand influence, and establish a good image of the company. Those gifts that come with purchasing a product, free trials, coupons, or discount coupons, can all be classified as promotional gifts.

Low value

Promotional gifts have a large audience, and companies need to consider cost issues. Promotional gifts are accessory products, generally low in value and easy to consume. For example, in promotions in the beverage and food industry, water cups and water bottles are usually given as gifts.


Promotional products should be novel, not products that others are selling, and have a sense of value.


    Most of the givers of promotional gifts are a certain company or brand, so it is the best choice to choose items that are consistent with the style of the company, brand or main product as promotional gifts, which will help to trigger positive associations with the brand. Consumers are also more likely to pay extra costs to purchase other products of the company or brand. Relevant gifts play the role of spreading corporate products, and brand image.

    skinny acrylic tumblers with straws

    Why choose promotional plastic water bottles?

    Reusable plastic water bottles are great for promotional gifts. Because they are made of safe and environmentally friendly materials, are of good quality, easy to use and very practical, consumers like them very much. Those reusable water cups are a good fit for your promotional strategy.

    • Those reusable plastic water bottles, stainless steel tumblers or glass cups are very practical and environmentally friendly. It is an everyday item that everyone will like.
    • The reusable water bottles embody the concept of sustainability, which is consistent with the brand image of many companies. And it’s portable and durable that you can use them everywhere.
    • The plastic water bottle is made of food-grade safe materials. The bottle is designed to be easy to hold and has a stylish appearance. If you use it as a promotional gift, it will definitely be loved by consumers.
    • Sports water bottles are ideal for outdoor events, sports activities and trade shows, etc. It can well reflect their theme and convey the sportsmanship spirit.
    stainless steel water bottles

    Industries using promotional water bottles

    Many companies across various industries use plastic water cups as promotional gifts. Here are a few examples of companies or industries that commonly use plastic water cups as promotional gifts:

    1.Event and Conference Organizers:

    Companies that organize events, conferences, or trade shows often provide attendees with promotional items, including promotional water bottles branded with event logos or sponsor names.

    2.Fitness and Wellness Brands:

    Gyms, fitness centers, and wellness brands may use plastic water cups as promotional gifts to encourage hydration and promote their services.

    3.Corporate Offices:

    Companies may distribute branded plastic water cups to employees as part of corporate giveaways, employee appreciation initiatives, or wellness programs.

    4.Beverage Companies:

    Beverage companies, especially those in the water or sports drink industry, may use branded plastic cups to promote their products at events, festivals, or sponsored activities.

    5.Outdoor and Recreation Brands:

    Companies associated with outdoor activities, camping, or recreational sports may use plastic water cups as part of their promotional merchandise.

    6.Food and Fast-Food Chains:

    Some fast-food chains or restaurants offer promotional cups with their branding, often as part of special promotions or meal deals.

    7.Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Companies:

    Healthcare providers or pharmaceutical companies may use branded plastic cups as promotional items during health awareness campaigns, clinics, or medical events.

    8.Educational Institutions:

    Colleges, universities, and schools may distribute promotional water bottles as part of orientation kits, campus events, or alumni gatherings.

    9.Nonprofit Organizations:

    Nonprofits may use promotional plastic cups to raise awareness for their causes, especially during fundraising events or community outreach programs.


    There are various promotional methods that businesses employ to get their goals, such as advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, promotions and discounts.

    The effectiveness of each method can depend on the nature of the business, target audience, and specific goals. A well-rounded marketing strategy often combines multiple methods to reach a broader audience and achieve diverse objectives.

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