UnitedPlastics Team Building Activities 2021


In the Autumn of 2021, when the mountain view was the best, we came to the Siming Mountain around the urban for team building activities. The meaning of team building activities was that we could shorten the distance between each other, strengthened the cohesion of the company in the event, and promoted the corporate culture in the event. In order to reward ourselves for the hard work this year, we took a short trip of 3 days and 2 nights to enjoy the golden autumn scenery in the mountains.

With clear air and tranquility, Siming Mountain was very suitable for us relieving the work pressures. Walking on the paths, we could see ripe fruits hanging on the branches, the Autumn also was the harvest time.

We were divided into 4 teams and competed for the first place through completing tasks setted in different spots. The team building activities include many items such as walking balance ropes and floating pile bridges, climbing nets, and crossing river by zipline, etc.

Of course, it was a good chance for young friends to eat, drink and have fun together outdoor. At night, we lighted a bonfire for lighting and heating, and set up a barbecue grill at the campsite to eat outside, and also set off firework to make fun.

After completing all activities and games, we realized that our fellows are so wit, kind and outstanding. We were the team, we were the family.

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