Disco Ball Drinking Cups 15 OZ Party Cups

This disco ball drinking cups with lid holds 15 OZ. You can drink it with your favorite cocktail or other cold beverage.


disco ball drinking cups1. Material:

PS is a non-toxic, odorless, colorless transparent particle, like a glass-like brittle material. The cup using PS material has extremely high transparency, and the light transmittance can reach more than 90%. In other words, PS can be very transparent, while PP can only achieve high transparency. Therefore, our disco ball drinking cups use PS plastic, and the price is more affordable.

In addition, in terms of mechanical properties, PS has high strength. Simply put, the PS material is relatively hard, so the sound of percussion sounds crisper. However, it should be noted that PS disco party cups shouldn’t be heated in microwave ovens or contain high-heat substances for a long time.

2. Scope of application:

Play ’70s disco music and wear your most dazzling outfits with these disco ball cups in a variety of colors. This would be the perfect disco-themed party. Of course, disco ball drinking cups are also ideal for school dances, weddings, KTV, bars and other large parties. Everyone loves throwing parties, meeting friends, and having a good time. Disco ball cups will make the party more fun and create a wonderful atmosphere.

This disco ball drink cup has a capacity of 15 oz. Perfect for wine, beer, cocktails, martinis, juices or any other beverage you like. So you can indulge your favorite margaritas at the party.

3. Multi-function:

It’s not just for parties, though. Our disco cup also plays to its advantage during the day. For example, hang it in your bedroom or patio. Let the sun shine into your room and create a warm atmosphere. Disco ball drinking cups are also great props for your photo shoots on different occasions. Unlike those cookie-cutter backgrounds, your photos definitely catch the eye. Some people have also tried using it outdoors to keep birds away from their gardens, as birds are often scared off by reflected light.



Disco Ball Drinking Cups 15 OZ Party Cups

Item No.: DB-06

Capacity: 15  OZ

Material: PS/BPA Free

Dimension: 10*10  CM

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