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Disco Ball Cups 20 OZ Plastic Drink Tumbler

How do you want to start your party? What about with bling bling plastic disco ball cups. This plastic disco party drinking ball is 20 OZ. It is full of fun and it is actravtive.


Disco Ball Cups 20 OZ Plastic Drink Tumbler1. Material Of Disco Ball Cups:

The disco ball cups body uses PS and is BPA free. It is a food grade material, so it is non-toxic and safe. Compared with other plastics, PS can be recycled, which is in line with the current environmental protection concept.
PS material has better transparency (88%-92% transmittance) and surface gloss. At the same time, the surface adopts electroplating process. This means that the cup can refract light at multiple angles, reflecting a sparkling ball effect. Make the disco ball drink tumbler more shiny as a whole. Undoubtedly, this is more in line with the needs of a party mug, bringing extra sparkle to your party.

2. Appearance And Structure:

The cup body simulates the shape of disco ball lights, with a unique shape, which can reflect the flashing ball effect from multiple angles. This way you can dim all the lights and just dance to the light of the disco ball. This is undoubtedly a perfect replica of the retro style of the 70’s disco party. After all, nothing says party like a disco ball cup.
This disco ball cup has a sealed leak-proof design. The mouth of the cup adopts a spiral design, which can effectively prevent the lid from slipping off. No one wants their party to be ruined by accidentally spilling a drink. Meanwhile, the lid has a straw hole for inserting a straw. Don’t worry, we’ll equip you with reusable straws when you buy our electroplated ball cup. The straw makes it easy to sip your favorite beverage.

3. Scope Of Application:

Our disco ball cups can hold 20 oz of liquid. Including your favorite cocktails, wines, juices, scented teas and more. In other words, the disco ball cup is not only decorative, but also allows you to enjoy party drinks to the fullest. It is a practical cup worth buying.




Disco Ball Cups 20 OZ Plastic Drink Tumbler

Item No.: DB-05

Capacity: 20  OZ

Material: PS/BPA Free

Dimension: 10*10.5   CM

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