How to Increase Sales With Promotional Gifts?

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The role of promotional gifts is to promote the sales of the main product and even enhance the brand. Promotional gifts may not be an important part of the marketing process, but they can affect the overall market results. Choosing appropriate and creative promotional items, and constantly adjusting and innovating in response to market changes and the actual execution process can bring unexpected results to the enterprise.

Some features of promotional gifts

1. In terms of purpose, the function of promotional gifts is to assist the sales of the main product or service. It is a means of promoting. For example, water bottle promotional products are used to attract customers to buy drinks or nutritional powder, etc.

2. The promotional gifts have low values, because the cost is deducted from the profits, so low prices are inevitable. The promotional items include pen, cup, fan, wine opener, keychain, etc.

3. Promotional gifts can be from any category, covering household products, digital electronics, office supplies, sporting goods, outdoor products, bags and leather goods, etc. In other words, any item may become a gift for another product.

4. There are so many types of products that can be used as promotional gifts, so how do companies or brands choose the items they need? There is a way, and that is gift companies. Gift companies have become an important part of the promotional gift industry. Their responsibility is to help companies select suitable promotional gifts more quickly. They will add company and brand information to promotional gifts. These gifts are given to consumers through promotions. It can bring subsequent sales and spread the corporate brand.

How do promotional gifts combine with the characteristics of the company or the main products? The question is what the company must think about at the beginning of the selection. There are other things to consider, such as how do promotional gifts differ from competing products? How to make promotional gifts more attractive to consumers? All things need to be carefully considered.

How can promotional gifts be different?

Promotion is an indispensable link in the marketing process. It is necessary to summarize and discuss it to a certain extent, which can provide practical reference suggestions for merchants’ marketing activities.

Understand the purpose of promotion

The choice of gifts must be combined with the form and purpose of the promotion. As for bundled sales or joint promotions, it is necessary to consider the interaction between products and gifts. Whether the purpose of gifts is to cater to the needs of merchants or to satisfy consumers, the choice will be different depending on the purpose.

Encourage original promotional gifts

Original or creative promotional gifts are encouraged. Use the characteristic elements of the main product to design gifts. The differentiation of gifts can change consumers’ understanding of products. Original products are highly competitive and mysterious, difficult to imitate and follow up, and can arouse consumers’ sense of novelty in shopping. You can also re-develop existing gifts on the market and add your own creative elements, which may lead to unexpected effects.

Emphasize the scarcity of promotional gifts

Emphasize the scarcity of gifts and activate the influence of gifts. Design a series of activities for gift promotion. You can attract consumers to participate through on-site draws or performative programs. You can also inform the value and scarcity of gifts through on-site publicity to create a warm atmosphere on site.

Focus on consumer research

Segment the target audience for the gift. People of different ages, incomes, regions and educational levels have different consumption characteristics, so sufficient research must be conducted when choosing gifts. The purpose of the survey is firstly to discover new promotional gifts that cater to consumer needs, and secondly to verify the feasibility of relying on experience to select gifts.

Principles for selecting promotional items

If you have the right understanding of promotional items, this is a great start. The next thing you need to know is that not just anything you like and has the above characteristics can be used as a promotional item.

According to the characteristics, consumers, and uses of the company’s products, as well as considering the differences in promotional occasions, seasons, brand positioning, etc., the selection of advertising gifts will vary widely.

In addition to ensuring the above characteristics, the selection of general promotional products should also follow these principles:


The selected promotional products should have a certain correlation or complementarity with the main product being promoted. Consumers need or must have this gift before they can use or better use the product. For example, selling milk powder, coffee and other drinks and giving away promotional product glass water bottles, cups or spoons.

Convenience and practicality

Promotional items must have practical value. The purpose of doing this is to make consumers feel that the promotional products are really useful things. They have spent the price of one product to get two things, and these things will not cause problems of this kind – it is money well spent. And then develop a good impression of products, companies, and brands. At the same time, it will also be recommended to relatives and friends to form secondary purchases.

Cheap and good quality

Product promotional items should be novel and outstanding, and at the same time, the product price should cause consumers to have value misalignment, making it impossible to judge the true price of the promotional items.

It is best not to choose products that are on sale in supermarkets and department stores. Furthermore, when choosing promotional products, you can ask advertising companies or gift companies to design and produce them specifically for the enterprise, so that consumers can feel that the promotional products have a strong sense of value. At last, the cost cannot be too high, otherwise the product will lose its price competitiveness and be abandoned by consumers.

Four key points for choosing promotional gifts

As a gift, promotional gifts should be able to represent the strength and image of the company. They have to meet the following characteristics:

  1. New: It is best for promotional items to be new styles so as to attract consumers’ attention.
  2. Novelty: Compared with other similar products, there must be something different.
  3. Special: Promotional products must be unique, and this feature must be distinctive and highly personalized.
  4. Refinement: Promotional items must have exquisite packaging to reflect value. It cannot be a shoddy item.


Today, with the generalization of promotions in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, promotion competition will undoubtedly become more intense. Any form of promotion and advertising promotional gifts may be copied.

In addition to correctly understanding and following the above principles, for enterprises, there are many aspects to consider. For example, how to design your own promotional forms and methods based on promotional products. How to select promotional products based on consumer targets, regional differences, promotional themes, seasons and other related factors in practical applications. Or how to make promotional products adapt to local conditions, timely conditions and people based on actual conditions. One thing is for sure, the purpose of using promotional items is to add to the cake, not add to the problem.

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