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How to Choose the Best Plastic Tumblers For High-Volume Foodservice?

Plastic tumblers are a go-to solution for drinks for several high-volume food servicers. However, do you have any idea why you always go for plastic tumblers? Maybe because this is how you have always seen things to be done. Or maybe you know that plastic tumblers are made from high-quality material, and it’s one of […]

What Is The Best Water Bottle Type?

No one can overstate the significance of drinking pure and clean water in this heal-conscious era. The market is filled with a number of water bottle options. However, choosing a perfect water bottle can be a hectic process. However, there are several companies that revolutionized their technology and introduced innovative one-stop solutions for pure and […]

What Type of Water Bottle Is Best for Gym?

sport water bottle for Gym

Anyone who has ever been to the gym will agree staying hydrated during workouts is critical to optimal performance, maintaining high energy levels, temperature control, muscle function and recovery, electrolyte balance, cardiovascular health, and neural function. It is precisely why you should drink enough water before, during, and after workouts for optimum hydration. When it […]

Awesome Benefits of Plastic Cups

awesome benefits of plastic cups

Plastic cups have been underrated for their purpose. It is true because still, our society needs to start appreciating the existence of plastic cups more than before. Plastic cups greatly contribute to sustaining the environment and keeping it from the adverse impact of other forms of cups available. Due to this reason, people are still […]

Can I Drink Hot Coffee From A Plastic Cup? 

can i drink hot coffee from a plastic cup

Plastic cutlery, kitchenwares, plates, and cups are quite appealing and convenient to use in almost all types of situations. Cups come in different designs, colors, and sizes. These plastic cutlery are considered a blessing to use in all types of events for all types of drinks and food. However, the most popular usage of plastic […]

Are Clear Plastic Reusable Water Bottles Better?

Clear Plastic Reusable Water Bottles

One of the significant global environmental concerns in recent years has been the use of disposable or biodegradable plastic bottles. More people today are looking to reduce their plastic imprint and opt for more sustainable choices such as reusable water bottles. Among the many reusable water bottle options, clear plastic reusable water bottles have become […]

Reusable Travel Mugs: Stainless Steel vs Plastic Cups vs Glass

Reusable Travel Mugs Stainless Steel vs Plastic vs Glass

In our fast-paced world, we want our drinks on the go wherever we go. But society is quickly realizing the problem that our bottle waste is creating. Disposable water bottles are one of the greatest causes of carbon gas emissions, landfill waste, and ocean pollution. Last year, Americans used 50 billion plastic water bottles, wasting $1 billion worth […]

Plastic Tumblers PC vs SAN

Plastic Tumblers PC vs SAN

Selecting the Optimal Plastic Tumblers for High-Volume Usage For many foodservice providers, plastic tumblers are the first choice for drinkware.  However, do you understand why you are ordering the plastic tumblers that you are?  Is it due to being how things always have been done?  Or are you educated regarding their materials and that is […]

Why You Must Choose BPA-Free Plastic Water Bottles?

bpa free plastic water bottles

It’s crucial to pick the correct water bottle in today’s health-conscious society. With the wide range of plastic bottle types available in the market, it is essential to consider their safety and potential health risks. BPA, also known as bisphenol A, is frequently present in plastic items and may pose health problems. This article will […]

5 Types of Plastic Sports Water Bottle Caps: Exploring Varieties and Features

Types of Plastic Sport Water Bottles Caps

In sports and fitness, having a reliable and convenient water bottle is essential. Along with the bottle’s main body, the cap or lid ensures proper functionality and user experience. Various plastic sports water bottle caps are available, each with unique features and advantages. This article will delve into the different types of caps or lids […]

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