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Do you want to add water bottle printing or logo to your business?

Water bottles are a popular product that everyone wants to customize. Digital methods such as UV printing make it easy to decorate water bottles. Whether it’s a small format printer or a dedicated rotary printer, printing offers more options than labeling, screen or pad printing applications.

Custom water bottles have become a popular trend, offering a unique and personalized touch to everyday essentials. The water bottle printing process involves a variety of techniques to ensure a high-quality, durable design.


What kind of brand do you want?

Your first step is to decide which type of brand you want to use on your custom water bottle. Some companies use very simple designs, such as brand names and logos. Others prefer more complex designs, including slogans or popular sayings.

Before making a final decision, consider which type of design best suits your brand image.

Which colors should you use?

The next step is to decide which color you should use on your custom water bottle. Bright colors tend to be more noticeable than bland ones, but they can also be overwhelming if overused. Consider the overall look you want to achieve and choose colors accordingly.

Do you want a simple or complex design?

Simple designs are often easier to print on water bottles, but they are not always as eye-catching as complex designs. If you have a strong brand image, a simple design may be the best choice, but if you want to make a strong impression, consider a more complex design.

Choose the ideal printing method for your promotional water bottles

In the final section of our guide on how to print water bottles on demand, you will learn about the different methods of printing water bottles and their pros and cons.

To give a quick overview, the most popular promotional water bottle printing methods are:

Laser engraving

If you are printing on aluminum or stainless steel water bottles, laser engraving may be the best printing technique for you.

Laser engraving uses mirrors to focus energy in a concentrated beam of light. The beam is controlled by a machine that is used to carve the desired design onto the promotional water bottle.

This printing technique gives individual water bottles depth, detail and texture. Also, since this is a fairly expensive option, you can expect the print results to last. However, you will not be able to select multiple colors using this printing technique.

Choose the right approach:

Choosing the right printing method depends on factors such as the required design complexity, budget, quantity, and type of water bottle material. When deciding on the printing method for your custom water bottle, consider your specific requirements and the visual effect you want to achieve.


Printing on water bottles offers unlimited customization possibilities, allowing businesses and individuals to express their creativity. The key is to choose a method that meets your vision and meets the quality standards you seek. Dive into the world of personalized hydration, with every bite full of personality!

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