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Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Universally loved for its caffeine rush, the drink is popular everywhere from Asia and America, and everywhere in between. If you’re an avid coffee drinker, you probably have your favourite plastic coffee cup that you love to take with you on the go. Coffee can taste different depending on the mug you use. Plastic coffee mugs are the preferred cup of choice for most fans of the caffeinated drink.

We’re going to cover everything you need to consider when buying drinkware for your coffee, so you can determine which style best fits your needs.

1. Personalized plastic coffee mugs are one of the most common styles, and you’ll often see people carrying one during their commute. There are dozens of different types that you can choose from, with their material and size determining their usage. If you have a coffee machine or drink espressos, you’ll likely want to have different plastic coffee cups with lids than someone who drinks a regular black coffee.

To keep things simple, there are four main types of plastic coffee mugs. You can get the standard coffee mug that you’ll likely have at home, complete with a handle. Plastic coffee mugs with lids are a type of travel cup that allows you to take your drink on the go. Espresso cups are shorter so that they can hold one or two shots. The fourth style is the plastic tumbler, which is for ice coffees, and drinks like hot chocolate that incorporates cream, as it has a larger capacity.

2. The material of your coffee mug is the next thing you want to consider. Plastic insulated coffee mugs with handles allow you to take your drink on the go, whether you’re taking a hike or on a road trip. The shape is ideal for putting in the drinks compartment of your car. You can also buy coffee mugs that are made using ceramic, which are usually for home use. Glass coffee cups are rising in popularity due to their minimalistic aesthetic.

3. Your typical plastic coffee cup come in three sizes. The standard size of plastic coffee cups with lids is 12ozs, which is ideal for holding tea or black coffee. 8oz and 16oz plastic coffee mugs are preferred sizes for specialist coffees like a flat white and iced coffee, respectively. You will want to consider the type of coffee that you regularly drink.

Custom plastic coffee mugs are a must-have for anyone who works in an office or wants to add a personal touch to their daily coffee cup. You can purchase these plastic coffee mugs in bulk for corporate events or give them away to employees. You can print your photograph around most plastic insulated coffee mugs with handles. Photos are printed onto coffee mugs using a ‘sublimation’. This process is when we wrap the photo around the cup and submerged in a specialist oven to bake the image into the mug. The heat transfer allows the colours to show up on your personalized plastic coffee mugs.

Deciding which is the best cup to drink coffee out of is usually a personal preference. Your choice will depend on your usual coffee order and whether you like to sit down and drink your coffee or if you prefer to take it on the go. Plastic coffee mugs with lids are for most drinks as you can easily carry them around, they are easy to clean, and you don’t have to worry about leakages. You can pack one in your workbag or backpack to take with you to college or work. Most coffee shops will give you a small discount off your order if you use a reusable plastic coffee cup instead of taking a paper cup.

1. If you want a versatile cup that works for different drink types and that you can use at home or on the go, consider ordering coffee cups with lids in bulk. You can take off the lid while sitting down at home or in your office to make it a traditional cup and add the lid when you need to get moving.

2. The most common mugs for tea and coffee are 12oz ceramic mugs with a handle. If you open the mug cupboard in any kitchen, you’ll likely find several of this style of cup lined up and ready to go. Ceramic is ideal for coffee drinking as the material evenly distributes the heat in your drink, so you don’t end up with the last sips being cold. These mugs are also dishwasher friendly and usually last for years.

3. For anyone who is always on the go, a ceramic mug isn’t a style that would work for you. Custom plastic coffee mugs are designed to go anywhere, and you don’t have to worry about chipping ceramic. These eco-friendly alternatives can save you money if you’re a frequent visitor to coffee shops, and you can use them for other cold and hot drinks.

4. Although paper cups are what you’ll find in most coffee shops, they are not intended for drinking hot beverages like tea and coffee. Holding a paper cup can be uncomfortable as the heat often escapes the material as its not a natural insulator. Drinking out of a paper cup can also change the taste of your beverage. Paper cups are also the least sustainable option, and buying plastic coffee mugs in bulk is an eco-friendly alternative. Your best drinking experience will usually come from a pre-heated ceramic mug or a plastic coffee cup if you prefer iced coffees.

When choosing what coffee cups you want to use, there are a few things to keep in mind. Consider the size that works best for you and what you would typically order from your local coffee shop. You’ll also want to think about sustainability, which is why ordering plastic coffee cups with lids in bulk is a popular solution. Plastic coffee mugs give you the freedom to take your drink with you on the go, and they can double as a traditional glass for drinking any other beverage. You can throw a plastic coffee cup into your bag without worrying about damaging it, and personalized plastic coffee mugs make the perfect gift for any caffeine drinker.

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