Are Reusable Plastic Water Bottles Safe?

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Every day, we’re told of the harm that single-use plastic does to our environment. Whether you’re in a coffee shop or going to college, you’re always encouraged to fill up reusable plastic bottles instead of taking a plastic cup. There are more benefits to carrying reusable plastic water bottles than just helping the planet. Most of us don’t drink enough water, and a reusable bottle can help. You want to invest in a bottle that you can take with you on-the-go, and that is safe.

ECO Friendly Plastic Water Bottles

1. What is the Best Reusable Water Bottle?

Choosing a reusable plastic travel cup or water bottle is a personal preference. There are a few key features that you want to look out for. Decide which ones are important for you and that work for your lifestyle. Just like a reusable party cup, you want a lightweight option. If you’re someone who enjoys working out, you might want a larger sports bottle that you can take with you to the gym.

The best reusable water bottles have a handle on the cap, so you can easily carry them. Choose a style that is easy to wash with a plastic drinking mouthpiece that won’t degrade with time. The size of your bottle will usually determine which one you choose, just like with a reusable plastic travel mug. You want one that is easy to carry and will help you hit your daily water intake goal.

reusable red solo cup
Reusable red solo cup

2. Glass vs Plastic vs Steel

When you decide you want to take the eco-friendly option of buying a reusable bottle, you want to consider the material. There are three popular choices to choose from: including glass, plastic, and steel.

Glass bottles are a more expensive option than plastic, as they are the highest quality. It is dishwasher safe, making it easier to clean, and it’s the safest option on the market as it’s chemical-free. One thing to consider with glass bottles is their fragility. If you drop your bag down with a little too much force, you can break your glass bottle.

Steel bottles are a less affordable option than their plastic alternative. Steel bottles can leave your water with a metallic taste, and they can struggle to insulate colder drinks in warmer climates.

Reusable plastic bottles are the go-to choice for most people. They are affordable and lightweight, meaning you can take them anywhere. If you leave one behind in the gym, it’s not the end of the world. Just like you would with a reusable plastic coffee cup, you want to make sure your bottle is BPA-free.

plastic coffee cups recyclable
Recyclable plastic coffee cups

3. What is the Safest Plastic Water Bottle?

Safety is one thing you should always consider when buying anything you intend to use for drinking. When you’re buying any plastic, such as reusable plastic tumblers with lids, you want to look for BPA-free options. This label means it is safe to drink from that type of plastic as it doesn’t contain the compound Bisphenol-A.

Most of the plastic products you’ll find, such as a reusable solo cup and reusable plastic tumblers with lids, are made using polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Both types of plastic are safe to drink from, and you should look for these options while shopping.

4. How Do You Clean Reusable Plastic Water Bottles?

As reusable plastic water bottles are something to take with you every day, you might forget to clean them. Your water bottle is a breeding ground for bacteria and mould. You want to wash your bottle after each use. There are three cleaning options you can use.

  • You can wash your bottle with everyday washing-up liquid just like you would with a reusable plastic travel mug. Unlike traditional drinkware, you want to use a bottle scrubber brush that can help you clean the bottom of the bottle. Don’t forget to wash the lid and mouthpiece.
  • If you want to give your plastic water bottle a little TLC, try using distilled white vinegar. Create a solution by filling your bottle up halfway with one-part vinegar and the other part water. Shake the bottle and leave it overnight. When you wake up, dump the solution and rinse out the bottle with warm water.
  • Did you forget about your water bottle at the bottom of your work bag? Add a teaspoon of bleach with the same amount of baking soda. Use water to fill the rest of your bottle. Let it sit overnight before rinsing it out.
350ml Plastic Sport Water Bottle With Straw
350ml Plastic sport water bottle with straw

5. Can You Get Sick from Reusable Plastic Bottles?

If you take care of your plastic water bottle and clean it, you shouldn’t get sick. Your bottle can quickly become the home of bacteria as it’s a moist container. If you forget to wash your water bottle, the bacteria growth can lead to health issues like infections and viral illnesses. Using a BPA-free plastic bottle will also make it safer for you.

6. How To Choose Your Reusable Plastic Water Bottles?

While you want to consider the practicalities, the aesthetics are also important. Thankfully, there is no shortage in the number of reusable plastic tumblers with lids. You can find one in every colour under the rainbow.

There are extras you can get with reusable plastic water bottles. If you like to flavour your water with fruit, look for a bottle that contains an infuser. You’ll want to keep the size in mind and make sure that it fits your everyday lifestyle. If you spend most of your time in an office with a kitchen, you can buy a smaller bottle than someone who is always on the go.

Finding your perfect reusable plastic water bottles can take trial and error, as it is a personal preference of what will work for you.

We hope this article shows you that reusable plastic bottles are safe to drink from and are an eco-friendly alternative to buying single-use bottles. Reusable plastic water bottles are eco-friendly and affordable. You can use them to improve your water intake. They can help encourage you to swap out soda and caffeinated drinks for water. Try swapping out your reusable plastic coffee cup with a water bottle.

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