We are now in a society advocating health life. Drinking water instead of beverage or soda is recognized as a healthy lifestyle.  Therefore, we can easily find that people keep water bottles made from different materials at home, in the office or in the hand bags. Today we are going to talk about the insulated stainless steel water bottle which is one of the most popular water containers in our daily life.


The advantage of insulated stainless steel water bottle is it keeps our water cold or hot for a longer time. Generally, it keeps the water cold for about 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. There are some factors influences how long will the water kept cold or hot including what kind of stainless steel material used, size of the water bottle opening, what types of cap or stopper used etc. We will discuss these topics in the future. And now I will introduce you how is an insulated stainless steel water bottle produced.


Basically, the insulated stainless steel water bottles are made from stainless steel tubes which are at 0.5mm thickness and 2500mm length. The first step is to cut those tubes into proper length according to size of the bottle.


After that the cut tubes are going to be water punched to the perform shape of the bottles.  For small or medium sized water bottles, 1 tube will be cut again from the middle into 2 bottles. And for those larger capacities, 1 tube is for a single bottle.


The next step is processing of bottle mouth. The shapes of mouth are processed by 3-5 times of stretching on different machines according to the designs of the mouth.  Then after cutting, smoothening and polishing, the mouth will be finished smooth, round without sharp point or sharp edge.


Please be aware that the insulated water bottles are made from 2 layers. Generally, the inner and outer layers are processed in the similar way. Now, we will weld them together by argon arc welding machine. After the two layers are weld together, the bottom piece with a suction plate pre-positioned will be welded on.


Up to now, the double wall bottle is finished but it not insulated yet. Vacuuming is one of the most important processes to make the bottle insulated. The bottles will be put upside down on a rack, and then we have to put the vacuum solder to the bottom of each bottle. And now, the rack full of bottles will be loaded into a vacuum furnace. One furnace holds 1400 pieces bottles. The vacuuming time must be 6 hours above to make sure the bottles are insulated enough. When the vacuuming is finished, we will test the water bottles one by one to make sure they are insulated.


Now it comes to the electrolysis process. The main purpose is to make the interior wall of bottle clean and shining. Under the co-working of positive/negative current and electrolyte solution, the micro geometrical shape of the stainless steel surface will be changed. The function of electrolysis is like polishing but it is much better than mechanical polishing because it is not limited by the position and shape of bottles. While, outer wall of the water bottle will be polished by grinding machine manually.

At this stage, an insulated stainless steel water bottle is finished. To sum up, please refer a flow chart below for reference of the general process.

In subsequent, we are going to customize or personalize the water bottles into different colors and pattern. Regarding to single color or gradient color water bottles, we usually use spray painting or power coating. And the logo will be made by silk screen printing, heat transfer printing; pad printing or laser cutting depends on specific design of logo and requirements from the client. Well, there are also many graphics and pattern that complicated. Please do not worry. We can make them with digital printing, hydro graphics transfer printing or paint dye printing. It is our mission to carry out the products as your expectations!


Last step is the packaging of the water bottles. The commonest individual packing of the stainless steel water bottle is poly bag and white box as you can find from the supermarket. Sometimes, unique colour boxes are also required by clients. Sometime, we will also use non-woven bag or tissue paper as required by environmental concerning clients.


I do hope you have had a brief idea about how to produce an insulated stainless steel water bottle after reading this article. And we also welcome you to come over to our factory to learn more about it. The actual production is far more interesting than the words! Looking forward to your coming to witness!